What I was reminded of regarding networking when I recently listened to an episode of Russell Brunson’s podcast, Marketing in Your Car…. Good stuff!!

Here are 4 tips for making the most out of our networking opportunities at conferences.  These are 4 things I learned and applied while attending Jeff Walker’s PLF Live 2017.   What is your BEST technique for networking at conferences? Share in the comments below.

5 Must-Read Books on Networking

5 Must-Read Networking Books

You want to become better at connecting with others and developing relationships.  So what is the best way to do that?  In this post I’ll share one of the best (and cheapest) ways to become a better connector.  And stick around to the end of the post for an opportunity to enter a giveaway worth […]

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Patio Pondering (or, The Value of Your Network)

Patio Pondering, Value of your Network, Relationships, Networking, Value

Sometimes I get inspiration and ideas from the strangest of places… I’ve been spending a couple hours a day for the past week and a half building a patio in my backyard. It’s something my wife and I have talked about doing for quite some time…our backyard has ZERO shade in the afternoon, so when […]

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