Thinking of Starting a Business? Read this.

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I started my own business just over a year ago…let me tell you, it is a TON of work, and there’s a million things I wish I had known when I started!

Sometimes I wished (and still do…) there was an all-encompassing manual on starting a business the right way.  

The Ultimate Startup Bundle

You know, something I could go to when I felt stuck, discouraged or in over my head.

I think those feelings are probably why so many startups fail in the early years. It’s hard to predict the bumps and roadblocks you’ll hit along the way, or which ones you’ll lose the most sleep over.

Of course, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen. Start and run your business lean. Hustle hard until you hit your stride. Study and learn from smart entrepreneurs who’ve gone before.

But you’re up against a lot of challenges, too.

Maybe you’ve got great ideas but you’re lacking the specific business know-how. Money is probably tight. Your time is stretched thin. You’re bombarded with information but not sure who to listen to or what to do next.

You want to do things right and to do that, you need to learn from the best.

And that’s why my friend Tom Morkes did the hard work to, essential, compile that all-encompassing manual. It’s called the Ultimate Startup Bundle!

Check it out here.

It’s a complete library of business and startup resources on all the topics you need to round out your business and avoid crucial mistakes along the way.

It contains 58 eBooks and 12 eCourses — YES, you read that right, 58 eBooks and 12 eCourses!! — all created by experienced business owners who’ve been there, done that, and really know their stuff.

Oh, by the way, my book Project: Success is one of the books included in this bundle!

These hand-picked resources are designed to address each part of your startup journey with all the right tactics, tools, strategies and business helps to guide you on the road to success.

Including resources like Hooked (Nir Eyal), The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Jeff Goldenberg and Mark Hayes), The Lean Brand (Jeremiah Gardner), Born to Win (Zig Ziglar), and Booked (Josh Turner), it covers everything you need to know about:

  • Getting Started
  • Lead Generation
  • Mindset
  • Marketing
  • Getting Sales
  • Copywriting
  • Product Creation Finance
  • Productivity
  • Scaling

With a product value of over $3,300, it’s the full meal deal and was carefully curated to give entrepreneurs like you an edge as you build your business.

Like I said, the only problem is that it wasn’t available when I started my business!!

And let me tell you, the cost of the The Ultimate Startup Bundle ($97) is WAAAAY less than what this bundle is worth if you were to purchase these resources separately…and it’s MUCH less than you would typically get even a single online course for.

Basically, it’s a no-brainer!

But here’s the deal, I know they always say you have to “act fast” for deals like this…but in this case they aren’t kidding!  This is only available until August 12th…so go get your bundle now before it’s gone!

Many of the authors and publishers (myself included) have taken a big risk to make this happen for you, and in return they’ve agreed to keep it to just 6 days.

As an added bonus, along with the products in the bundle you’ll receive free access to premium online software services to support your business, like ConvertKit, ClickFunnels, SamCart, and Thinkific, worth over $900, which makes the small investment of $97 even more of a no-brainer.

Seriously, the access to these software services is worth the $97 all on it’s own!

Don’t just survive the startup journey. Get the roadmap and guidance you need to make your business thrive. Click here to get your Ultimate Startup Bundle or learn more now.

Disclaimer: I am a contributor to The Ultimate Startup Bundle.  I am also an affiliate…which means that when you purchase the bundle at this ridiculously good price, I will earn a small commission…and you will get access to the best startup resources from 60+ contributors.  I call that a win-win!