Leadership is Dangerous!

Joseph LaLonde is a man I greatly respect, and one with extensive knowledge as it applies to leadership.

Leadership is Dangerous, Joseph LaLonde, SieverkroppHe’s just released a fantastic eBook called Leadership is Dangerous.  I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of the book from Joseph and I have to say, it was a great read!  As a leader myself, at home, at work and in my Church, this book was hugely beneficial to me!

Here’s what I said about Joseph’s book right after I read it,

“[Joseph] really puts his arm around the new (and not so new) leader and leads them step by step towards being a great leader and avoiding the traps along the way. I would recommend every leader read this quick, inspiring book.”

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By reading this book (which, have I mentioned, is free), you’ll learn how to avoid the 4 traps that can befall all leaders as they strive to grow and lead their teams.

If you’re a leader–or you will ever be a leader–head over to Joseph’s blog and get this book!  You won’t be disappointed!

When you get there, make sure you let Joseph know I sent you there and also let him know what you think of the book after you finish it!

Click here to get Joseph’s eBook for free

Question: What are some of the traps you see leaders facing?


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  • Thanks for sharing my eBook Mark. I hope your readers will find value in the pages and learn to lead well.

    • If they read it they will! Thanks for sharing your wisdom through the book!