Here are 4 tips for making the most out of our networking opportunities at conferences.  These are 4 things I learned and applied while attending Jeff Walker’s PLF Live 2017.   What is your BEST technique for networking at conferences? Share in the comments below.

You’ll Never Guess What Coaching Soccer Taught Me About Connecting…

what coaching soccer taught me about connecting

listen to ‘You’ll Never Guess What Coaching Soccer Taught Me About Connecting…’ on audioBoom I love soccer.  Anyone that knows me knows that! I played soccer all through my childhood, I’ve coached soccer since I was 16 years old and I spent 10 years as a soccer referee.  I just love the game. It’s often […]

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20 Questions To Ask In Your Next Conversation…

listen to ‘20 Questions To Use In Your Next Conversation’ on audioBoom If conversations are the vehicle that takes you to a bigger network, then questions are the fuel that power that vehicle. Seriously.  Think about it.   You cannot, literally cannot, grow your network without having conversations, agreed? Adding connections on LinkedIn, followers on […]

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