Meet Mark Sieverkropp

Hi, I’m Mark Sieverkropp and I want to welcome you to my blog.  You’re probably wondering what this blog is all about…and more importantly how can it help you get what you want in your life?

Well, I don’t blame you…so I don’t want this about page to be all about where I live (Washington State…not Seattle) or what I like to do for fun (hunting, soccer, hanging with my family).

I want it to be about what the information I providecan do to help you get what you want in your life.    

What is this blog about?

In short, relationships.  Life is all about relationships.  Your personal life. You work life. Your night life.  When you get right down to it, your life is all about the relationships you have developed.   Seriously.  Your life is not about the stuff you have, or even the experiences you have. It is about the people you have relationships with.  Don’t believe me? How do you identify yourself?  My guess is almost ever title you give yourself indicates relationships you have.

Husband/wife (your relationship with your spouse)

Father/mother (your relationship with your kids)

Son/daughter (your relationship with your parents)

Brother/sister (your relationship with your siblings)

Friend (your relationship with your peers)

Employee (your relationship with your boss)

Business owner (your relationship with your employees and clients)

Team member (your relationship with your teammates)

Coach (your relationship with those you coach and mentor)

Speaker (your relationship with those you present to)

Author (your relationship with your readers)

…and the list goes on.  

Ok, so life is defined by relationships, why does that matter?

  Great question.  Well, think about it…if you have things you want in your life (experiences, security, toys, promotions, validation, jobs, and so on…)...and your life is defined by relationships…the main thing standing between you and what you want is not having the relationships you need to get them. I believe that you are only a few relationships away from getting the things you want most in your life. I believe that because it has been true in my life…

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The relationship that got me out of a job I hated

Two years ago I was in a job I absolutely hated.  The hours sucked, the work sucked, and to say that the manager that I reported to and I didn’t see eye to eye would have been the understatement of the century. I had worked there for two years and in the past 6 months it had completely deteriorated!  The boss (whom I had a great relationship with..) hired a manager that started doing everything he could to make sure that I knew he was in charge. (Side note:  Just like a few of the right relationships can get you everything you want…a few bad relationships can make your life completely miserable!)

It was at this time that I started doing everything I could think of to get out of this situation.  I did everything I was taught to do.  I brushed up my resume…filled out applications…listened to podcasts on personal growth and careers…but I was still stuck in this horrible job.  Until… One day I got a text from a good friend that I had known for 10 years or so.  We went to church together, he is like a brother to me.  His text said that he had an opening at his office and wanted me to come work for him.  He said it was only temporary, but it could work into permanent. I quit my other job and went to work for my friend.  All of the resumes I’d sent out, and all of the applications I had submitted had not got me a new job…a relationship had.

The job did end up being temporary…but fortunately another good friend let me know about a job opening where he worked…I had applied at his company 3 times over the 5 years prior to that time.  I’d landed one interview but obviously hadn’t been hired.  I applied for the openings that he told me about and got an interview.  When I interviewed I found that I knew two of the three people that were interviewing me.  I got the job.  I’m not saying that you’ll get a job just because you know someone…but I am saying that certainly helps! Looking back, it is the relationships that I had developed that helped me get a job that I like…with better hours, better benefits and a better culture.  

The relationship that helped me discover my passion

I have always known I wanted to teach people…something.  I always wanted to be like Stephen R. Covey…spend my days helping people learn to be better at something and be successful.  I have wanted to do that since I was 20 years old…but in all the years since, I had not done anything even remotely close to that. I had tried to find jobs that would allow me to do training, I had bought books to learn how to be a trainer (I even bought “Training for Dummies”…don’t judge!).  But I didn’t have the experience and I didn’t know where to find a job to get the experience.

Enter a relationship.

I was a part of a networking group at my job…basically all these different people from different businesses met once a week to give referrals and help each other.  I met up with one of the guys in this group to learn about each other’s businesses.  In the course of this conversation I mentioned that I wanted to do training.  He mentioned that he had a client that was doing something very similar and agreed to introduce us. He did.  I contacted Scott and suggested we get together for lunch and see if there was any way we could help one another.

From that first lunch came a friendship and working relationship that gave me multiple opportunities for coaching, training and speaking. It was a relationship that gave me experience doing what I really loved doing, not a degree, training course, or job. I could tell a dozen stories about different relationships that have literally altered the course of my life for the better…

But what it comes down to…

What it comes down to is that if you are not actively cultivating the right relationships in your life, you are missing out on opportunities.  And I’m not talking small opportunities.  I’m talking about major, life altering, family tree changing opportunities. My goal with this blog, my podcast, all my coaching and products, and all I do  is to give you the tools you need to develop and nurture the relationships that will lead to the opportunities you need to live the life you want to live! Sign up below to receive information a couple times a month on how to develop the relationships you need to achieve all you want in life!

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Mark Sieverkropp Mark Sieverkropp is a Podcaster, blogger, author, entrepreneur, connector, leader, consultant and speaker. He is the author of Project:Successwhich climbed to #3 in the Self-Help category in the Amazon Kindle Store and Start a Coversation With Anyone, Anywhere .  He has co-hosted the Happen To Your Career Podcast, which was a New & Noteworthy Podcast in the Career section of iTunes, The 24 Podcast, and currently co-hosts The World Changer Show with Matt McWilliams. Mark is passionate about connecting with others, finding ways to add value to them and helping other people do the same. Mark and his wife Lacie have two children, Brooklynn and Cash.





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